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Digitalisation: how to reconcile risks and advantages?

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We all benefit from the advantages of digitalisation. Technological solutions and networks allow us to stay informed, keep in touch with close ones, and manage our day-to-day lives.

Digitalisation is a megatrend that impacts all of our lives. And this is just the beginning.

But we must also be aware of the risks, and our laws and regulations have to keep up with the changes in the digital world.

How can e-democracy make participating in public life more accessible? How to ensure data privacy when more and more of our life is online? What is the future of artificial intelligence and how far can it go?

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Sirine Douhane
07 June 2020

Sensibilisation campaigns should be carried out towards the population on how the data they share is used towards private interest of third parties.

Maybe video spots with someone searching for key words on the net and see how these key words are already stored before being validated and how they are processed: sold to third parties, taken advantage of to better spot marketing campaigns, etc

Thanks for this great inclusive initiative!!