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EU-Africa: How can we build a mutually beneficial partnership?

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The EU is making efforts, as shown in its Africa-EU Strategy, to reshape the two continents’ relations beyond the old prism of development aid - but there is still a long way to go.


How can we build a mutually beneficial partnership, while leaving imperialistic attitudes in the rear-view mirror?

How can the EU go beyond short-term migration responses and rather concentrate on long-term actions to support socioeconomic, environmental, and political stability?

How can the EU and Africa work together to foster sustainable growth and promote transformative, community driven development strategies?

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Briefing, December 2019

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17 October 2020

We can start with the cancellation of all the debts those countries have with EU countries, since those debts derive from the colonial periods and are not legitimate.

A second proposal is a complete disclosure of all EU patents, and programs for medical knowledge transfer, and project related to educations. Only if required by the sovereign states.

Overtaxation of EU companies operating in Africa extracting raw materials.

Create a commission to estimate the debt of EU countries towards African countries, and give them back what it was stolen in the past centuries.