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Hate speech: are we becoming numb to it?

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We hear and see it on daily basis, from people we meet on the streets to strangers online and even politicians on TV. Everyone can say anything about anyone and we are becoming more used to it. It is becoming a real issue and ignoring it is no longer a solution. How can we fight hate speech? What should be the consequences of using hate speech? What should companies like Facebook do better to prevent it spreading?

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20 October 2020

There are people who intentionally or unintentionally do hate speech. We do have many people who are against hate speech like those who suffer from it and those who seek justice. We need global online platform where those who want to fight against hate speech to join in global online team. In one part citizens will report all form of hate speech in this platform, then information will be verified by member and action should be taken by investigating cause and it could be as simple as sending warning to offenders to submit complain in local or EU court. There is also need to reform punishment.

05 July 2020

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