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Live fully: What is a life well spent?

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We’re all aware that we have limited time on earth. Thinkers since before Aristotle have been asking what we should do with that answer, but there doesn’t really seem to be one definite answer.


What is a life well spent?

Should we primarily be striving for personal satisfaction, for happiness – both physically and mentally?

What’s the role of religion in an age when young people either tend to be completely disinterested, or so totally committed to religion they are willing to sacrifice their lives for their beliefs?

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Katharina Tscheu
16 July 2019

A fulfilled life for me is that you yourself become happy by making other people happy. How this succeeds is then up to each one. This can be achieved with the help of religion by bringing together a community that supports each other and thus makes each other happy. This can be achieved in a profession, for example a service, or most of all certainly in medical and social professions. This can succeed in the family or in the circle of friends, in which one is held together and one spends time together. A fulfilled life should therefore not be an end in itself, but should also fulfill other people, so that after our life something positive remains of us. Only in this way can changes succeed and then also bring large communities such as the EU forward.