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Mass surveillance: Should we be yearning for some privacy?

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In this digitalised world, every move we make and every step we take is tracked. Video surveillance of public places, as well as our personal data, is used for public security purposes. Digital companies want to bring us the newest technological gadgets, leveraging our personal information in advertising and market research.


How do we balance personal privacy and public safety?

Should we be consulted on how much of our privacy we’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of public safety?

Does the constant monitoring deprive us of our freedom, or does it make us feel safer?

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10 June 2020

I believe that we, as consumers need to be informed about what happens to the data that is collected by big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft,....And that we need to be able to use their products without having to worry that our data is being misused or mismanaged.

It is indisputable that the products that they have created work efficiently and have, for many people, had a positive effect on their way of life. However, as a consumer right now, we cannot use these products and at the same time be sure that are data is not being used for things that we do not want it to be used for.

The current GDPR legislation is a very strong step in the right direction, but it is still lacking in enforceability. There are still some very vague aspects which make it easy for a company to avoid having to comply with all of the measures. It would thus be a positive evolution if data protection regulation could be expanded and better enforced, so that we, as consumers could use e.g. Facebook without having to worry about them selling our data to other companies or governments that we do not wish to have our data.