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Wonder Women: How can we all be equal?

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Discrimination on the basis of gender is prohibited in the foundational treaties of the EU and in the European Convention on Human Rights. From a legal perspective, gender equality may be ensured, but studies and statistics clearly say it isn’t so.


Should we more seriously address the application of the law, or our attitudes in general, rather than gaps in the legislature?

How do we change social norms regarding women?

How can we respect and protect all women, no matter their background, age, nationality, religion?

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Ludovico Papalia
29 October 2019

I continue to repeat that the importance is not the sex of a person but his ideas. We continue to put attention about how much men/woman there are in the parlament but the most important thing is what they do for us. I'm ready to vote a 100% famale/male party if they have good ideas for European life!...??
P.s. in Italy we have a really big problem with the "maintenance allowance" that for the judges is given (99% of the cases) from a man to his ex wife to maintain "her lifestyle". Connected with that there's also the injustice between the abortion possibility for woman and the impossibly to refuse paternity for man.