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Strengthening EU solidarity in times of emergency: Do we need to commit more?

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Solidarity is a quintessential value promoted by the European Union, and is even the focus of Chapter IV of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Being an important element in any democracy, solidarity encourages social cohesion across the EU, by bridging both societies and Member States. Times of emergency across Europe call for reinforced solidarity between Member States, such as in the case of economic, sanitary and migration crises, as well as unprecedented natural disasters.

Emergencies such as these have the power of putting the EU’s commitment to solidarity to the test. The young people of Europe therefore play an essential role in raising awareness on the importance of solidarity as both a national and transnational value.

So, now it’s your turn. Do you think we need to commit more to strengthening EU solidarity?

  • How can the European Parliament promote solidarity in the EU?
  • Can you think of a recent example of solidarity shown between EU Member States?
  • How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected solidarity across the EU?



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EU Solidarity

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